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Frequently Asked Questions

How is AnF Edu different from any other Education consultancy?

At AnF Edu we are determined to provide you Tailored, transparent and dedicated support to help you with your educational goals. We have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions that can help guide you along your journey.

If you require any further detail on any of these topics, please get in touch with us.

What are the applications turnaround time?

Your application will be forwarded the day you complete all requirements. The turnaround time could range from 24 hours to 4 weeks. This differs from school to school.

What are the entry requirements for an undergraduate course?

Entry requirements vary between universities and colleges. If you are unsure you meet a university/college’s criteria, it is best to contact us directly through our contact us page for further guidance.

What are the application deadlines for undergraduate courses?

There are four application deadlines throughout the year:

  • October – for courses at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, or for most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine/science and dentistry
  • 15 January – “on time” deadline for most undergraduate courses
  • March – for some art and design courses
  • 30 June – late deadline for most undergraduate courses. Applications received after this deadline will automatically go into “clearing”, so you will not be guaranteed your first choice.

While you will be able to apply after the January deadline right up until 30 June, it is better to apply early. You will still need to arrange your visa if you need one, as well as things like accommodation and flights

Do I have to pay all the fees before getting the visa or travelling?

No. You do not have to pay all before travelling to University. Most Universities have installment plans, but it goes with deadlines so we will have to ensure you pay within the dates given. Most Universities will, however, give a discount for early payment, if full fees are paid before the beginning of the first semester or a given date. Contact us so we can discuss your options.

What is the benefit of studying in UK?

The biggest benefit is time. It takes just 1 year to complete your Postgraduate studies and 3 years for Undergraduate qualifications. There are many benefits of studying in the UK. The UK has a long tradition of quality and internationally recognized education. As a student, you also get to experience a multi-cultural and diverse study atmosphere as the UK is a study destination for students from around the world.

What is the duration of studying in the UK?

A typical undergraduate degree in the UK is 3 years, while a postgraduate degree is 1 year. However, in some cases, you might want to do a foundation year which adds to your overall degree years. We have universities that offer 2 – year fast track undergraduate degree programmes. There are also top-up undergraduate programmes lasting one year for students who may have previous professional qualifications, ordinary and national diplomas, or extensive relevant work experience.

How do I choose a right course, University or college?

Coming to study in the UK is your opportunity to gain the skills, outlook and confidence you need to fulfil your potential.  To ensure you choose the right course for yourself and for what you want to achieve it is best to contact our team for a 30 minutes free consultation. We will help you in finding the right course, University along with the course entry requirements.